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This made me happy. A reminder to let go of the inner control freak every now and then.



This made me ha…


Kleem, Aim Mantras for Attraction

Recently I came across some of Dattatreya Siva Baba’s (Dr Pillai) snippets of wisdom on Youtube. I notice that he directly addresses the impatient demands characteristic of our fast-food generation: wanting things right now.

Most times, spiritual teachers and gurus expound on greater wisdom and answer questions of how one can get rich/successful/hitched in a general way by talking about the issue on a non-specific basis without actually giving an exact prescription of how one can go about attaining their immediate goals. Perhaps because there simply may not be an aspirin solution to such desires?

Dr Pillai has some how-tos, many in the form of mantras. He shares that the Kleem mantra is effective in attracting friends, female company and abundance of material blessings (which are thought to be feminine in essence). There’s a little humour here; when a devotee of Dr Pillai’s, one of a ‘different pursuasion’, started diligently using the Kleem mantra, he actually started to attract women.

So, Dr Pillai then ponders the problem and subsequently dispenses the Aim mantra and this is shared on his Youtube channel in clip titled ‘Mantra for Gay Relationships‘. It’s actually quite humorous, Mr Mark and David in there are funny!

Another video of Dr Pillai’s shared on Youtube by other users is one on a meditation involving visualization of the sun and moon at the heart chakra and titled “RAISE YOUR VIBES. THIS MAY BE THE EASIEST WAY TO MEDITATE ” also sub-titled “This is one of the most POWERFUL meditation techniques Ive ever found.”

Hmmm…well…here’s the video below. Coincidentally, I came across something in the newspaper the same day which reminded me of the said meditation:

A Vanity Project

So, Dr Priscilla Chan will not be retiring to start a jewellery line or other such vanity project. Jewellery designing is a vanity project? Well, what is a respectable non-vanity project then?

cubicle captives

Plan B, it turns out, is a lot harder than it seems. But that hasn’t stopped cubicle captives from fantasizing. In recent years, a wave of white-collar professionals has seized on a moribund job market, a swelling enthusiasm for all things artisanal and the growing sense that work should have meaning to cut ties with the corporate grind and chase second careers as chocolatiers, bed-and-breakfast proprietors and organic farmers.

An honest look at what it means to run a small business: Maybe It’s Time for Plan C, by Alex Williams

This is spot on.

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